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Our Thoughts on Guns in School

Breaking News from Pendragon Acres U.S. K-9 INC.

Ask yourself … Why arm our schools with what we are trying to keep out?

Trained German Shepherd K-9 to protect our children in every school across America.

We at Pendragon Acres are strong believers that we need to keep Guns/drugs/weapons/alcohol out of our schools.  We do not believe it is a smart decision to arm teachers / school staff with what we are trying to keep out of our school systems.

Why would we have the guns/weapons already on school property to where the bad person could have access to it if they got on school property did harm to the teacher or staff member carrying the gun and takes the weapon to cause harm to our children, teachers and staff.

Arming teachers / staff only gives the bad guy easier access to a gun that is already on school campus all they have to do is make their way on school property take the gun and do their harm.

Lets keep guns out of our schools as it should be and as all school rules have stated in pass times.

Lets arm our schools with trained K-9’s from Pendragon Acres. Our K-9’s are fully trained to sniff out Guns, Drugs, Alcohol, weapons, etc. Our K-9’s will sense the bad before there is a chance to cause harm/ciaos to our children in our school which will and should be a safe haven for our children.

Service Dog for Joey


Deschamps Corner General Store and Pendragon Acres U.S. K-9, Inc. had a benefit concert, featuring The Clazmatics classic rock band with a guest appearance, Curtis Gray, from American Idol Season 11. The concert benefited Joey Vega, a husband and father who suffers from epilepsy and seizures. He is progressively getting worse, and is in need of a seizure detecting/alert K-9.

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December 29th, 2013

Brooksville breeder donates service dog to vet

Ernest Chainey W

Sunday, December 29th 2013

Michael Giannetti, left, has been working with Ernest Chainey for nearly two years to bring him a PTSD canine. KIM DAME

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November 25th, 2012

Hernando County trainer donates service dog

Nov 25th article

Above: Michael Giannetti of Pendragon Acres U.S. K-9 discusses Pendragon service canines with Katherine and Greg Lockwitch. Katherine lost her assisted service German Shepherd, Baron, when he was struck by a vehicle in their Ridge Manor neighborhood.

KIM DAME/Hernando Today correspondentPublished: November 25, 2012 Continue reading

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