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K-9 Training

Puppies 8 weeks -12 weeks will start at Stage 1 of Training.
Older puppies and adults will first require a training evaluation.
A training evaluation is required 1st before we can quote you a price for training.

The Training Evaluation is 2 hours long; and the cost is $150.00 Cash.

The Stages of K-9 Training

Stage 1- Behavioral, 3 weeks
Stage 2- On Lead Control, 6 weeks
Stage 3- Loose Lead Control (off leash control), 8 weeks
Stage 4- Specialty (Service, Therapy, ESA, Protection)

Call 352-596-3414 or Text 727-455-5243 to book your Training Evaluation.

Training sessions are once a week, for 2 hour sessions.

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