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Puppies Available

Call / Text 727-455-5243

ABOVE. Female, Black, Full Coat German Shepherd, DOB 5/28/23, She is Big, Beautiful and Sweet. 727-455-5243

ABOVE. K9 Name: “Vixen” Female, Black, Plush Coat German Shepherd. DOB 5/20/23, Smart & Attentive. Please call 727-455-5243 with questions and to schedule an appointment to meet her.

ABOVE. Female, Black, Short Coat, DOB 06/09/23, Ears go up and down right now, they will go up.

Call/Text 727-455-5243 for more information.

Black, Female, German Shepherd DOB 8/20/23 . Call for more information.

Above. Female, Black, DOB 11/09/23. Available now.

Titan Litter December 30, 2023


5 Males, Black, Red, & Tan, Bi-color, and 3 Females available.

Call for your pick order. 727-455-5243

Walker/ Sansa Litter —-01/01/2024

Females: 3 sables, 1 black & Silver available

Males: 1 Sable, 1 Black & Red, 1 Black

Call/ text with questions and to make an appointment. 727-455-5243

Future Litters

Blue & Snow Due Late January 2024

These pups will be white, Blue and Blue & Tan.

Jon Snow

Call/ Text for questions 727-455-5243

Elektra & Titan Due January 2024


AKC Testing

Call to Schedule Your K-9’s Test. Once your K-9 passes his/her test, you will receive a Diploma, Ribbon, and Certificate through AKC


All breeds are welcome for testing.

Test is about 1 hour long.

Please bring Canines AKC Certificate with you. IF you don’t have one, we will obtain one for you.

CGC  Guidelines 
All tests must be performed on leash, the leash should be 6 ft and made of either leather or fabric, retractable leashes are not acceptable in the CGC test. Dogs should wear a correctly fit buckle or slip collar (including martingales) made of leather, fabric, or chain. They may also wear a body harnesses but it should not restrict the movement of the dog. CGC Encourages you to have fun, You may praise your canine, but please do not use treats during testing. The test will cover:

1: Accepting a Friendly Stranger
2: Sitting Politely for Petting
3: Appearance and Grooming
4: Out For A Walk (Walking on a Loose Leash
5: Walking Through A Crowd
6: Sit and Down on Command/Staying in Place
7: Coming When Called
8: Reaction to Another Dog
9: Reaction to Distractions
10: Supervised Separation

If you feel your K-9 is ready for the CGC,”Canine Good Citizen” test. Call now 352-596-3414.

Adults for Sale

Draco is a Blue, Male, German Shepherd.

2 years old


Angelica, 3.5 years old
Venus-5 years old

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